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Daytona Beach Boat Disposal Don'ts

Every boat has a point in its life cycle where the constant repairs become too expensive, or you might have a new boat and need to make space for it.

Every boat has a point in its life cycle where the constant repairs become too expensive, or you might have a new boat and need to make space for it.

1. Don’t Sink Your Boat

It is never a good idea to intentionally sink a boat. Some may suggest intentionally sinking or scuttling your old junk fiberglass boat to get rid of it. You probably won't think about it if it's out of sight, right?

Wrong. When you sink a boat on purpose, you can face extremely high fines and even jail time. The marine environment is damaged by this practice, especially if toxic fluids, batteries, and other materials have not been removed properly from the boat. Moreover, if your sunken secret catches a trawler's net, you can bet they'll try to find you and demand compensation. While it might seem like an easy solution, it won't be fun when you receive a fine.

Additionally, skippers who are unaware that there is something beneath their boat may be at risk. The junk fiberglass boat won't create an idyllic reef, bed, or river if it's sunk. There can be so many toxic substances in play that have been used to make and operate your boat so please don’t do it.

2. Burn Your Fiberglass Boat

Several websites and YouTube videos show people burning fiberglass boats as an alternative method of disposal. There are several reasons why this isn't recommended. To destroy the entire boat, you need a really high temperature. Otherwise, you'll end up with fiberglass strands and short fibers that will catch in the wind, posing a huge hazard. Inhaling these would be dangerous.

In addition, you will end up with a huge pile of fibers on the ground. Someone will need to clean those up, and if you do it away from your property it’s going to leave a lot of evidence behind, which will also be bad for the environment. Please don’t burn your fiberglass boat.

3. Don’t Abandon Your Boat

As exciting as it might be, you can't sink your boat. Is it possible to just leave it under a tree somewhere and carry on with your life? Wrong. Illegal dumping is also a fineable offense, so this is a terrible idea. Is it necessary to leave your hunk of junk for other people to clean up? With the VIN or HIN number, it could even be traced back to you... do not do it. Approximately $450 per foot of boat is spent on the recovery and disposal of abandoned boats, which has a big impact on tax spending!

Get Rid of Your Boat Responsibly

If you no longer want your boat, you have options other than burning, sinking, or abandoning it. You can sell it, donate it, recycle it, or hire a boat removal service to haul it away for you.

No matter what the condition, our boat removal company in Daytona Beach is ready to remove it. We have already done plenty of successful jobs. Let us step in and get it done. We are the area's most trusted boat removal service. We at Florida Boat Removal in Daytona Beach are dedicated and reliable. It doesn't matter what type of boat you have,we can remove it. Powerboats, sailboats, and personal watercraft fall under this category.Don’t let the problem linger any longer than necessary. Give us a call and we'll set up a time and date. Just give us a call for Daytona Beach boat removal.


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