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When Your Unused Boat is an Eyesore in Bradenton

By Boat Removal

Having an old boat on your property can turn it into an unsightly mess! Rodents often inhabit them, and water pooling in them may attract mosquitoes.

It is very important to remove your old, unwanted boat before it causes these hazards. If your boat is no longer needed, you should call a boat removal service to haul it away and properly dispose of it. Our customers have discovered that nobody in the Bradenton area will remove old boats and dispose of them properly. With one call to Florida Boat Removal, we were able to get rid of their old boat quickly and efficiently.

Old Boat Problems

You might be asking, “how can I get rid of an old boat?” That question can oftentimes give people anxiety thinking about it. Disposing of an old boat is not an easy task for most people.

A properly maintained boat can provide decades of enjoyment and fun. Boats that are neglected for even one year can become useless and must be disposed of. Florida Boat Removal provides solutions for old boat disposal in Bradenton, unlike most boat dealers. Our boat removal service is fully licensed and insured. Whether it's in the water, on a trailer, or sitting on the ground, we can remove your junk boat.

Do You Need a Title?

You don't need a title to dispose of your old boat since we dispose of them! It does not matter whether the title is lost, stolen, etc., as the boat will be crushed at the landfill. It is common for other boat removal services to require you to have a title to your old boat because they attempt to resell it. While that is possible, we feel it is misleading to the customer. When we junk your old boat, we do the right thing.

Contact Florida Boat Removal

If you live in the Bradenton area and need an old boat removed from your property, please give us a call! The Florida Boat Removal company has the capability of making your boat disappear from your property. Simply by sending us a picture and a description of the boat, we can be able to provide you with an upfront cost to dispose of it. From there, we can schedule an appointment to get rid of that old boat as soon as possible. Our team of professional boat haulers knows exactly how to get rid of your old boat in the most efficient way possible. Florida Boat Removal is the company that you should contact if you are interested in getting a boat removed in Bradenton. There are no hidden fees associated with our boat removal pricing, and all transportation and disposal fees are included in the price.


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