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Hydra-Sport Boats

Hydra-Sport boats are known for their high-performance capabilities, making them suitable for water sports and fishing. These vessels often feature sleek designs and powerful engines.

Service’s Impact on Environment and Vessel:

U.S. Boat Removal and its crews will take all necessary precautions to minimize the impact on the surrounding environment. The vessel will not be recovered, and will be permanently disposed of in accordance with local statutes and laws regarding the decommissioning of marine vessels.


Dry Land Removal Process:

The process involves the crew assessing if the vessel is small enough to be hoisted or winched off the ground. If not, the crew will form a plan to segment the vessel as needed and dispose of the segments accordingly.

In-Water Removal Process:

Vessels can be hoisted or winched out of the water if small enough to do so. If not, the crew will form a plan to segment the vessel as needed and dispose of the segments accordingly. For submerged or foundering vessels, U.S. Boat Removal can only remove them if they are adjacent to the shore, port, or sea-wall. Our team is not equipped to work offshore or open waters.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Absolutely, we prioritize green disposal practices, such as recycling and proper hazardous material management.
Yes, we are fully insured and licensed to protect your property and our team during the removal process.
Book a removal by either giving us a call or scheduling online through our website.
Yes, we offer free, no-obligation estimates. You can contact us by phone or fill out the booking form on our website to get started.
The process duration varies with the boat's size, condition, and location. It can range from a couple of hours to a full day.
Costs are based on the boat's size, type, and location. Send us pictures of your boat to receive an accurate estimate.

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