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Should you RestoreYour Boat in Orlando

By Boat Removal

Are you considering boat restoration in Orlando? While restoring a tired boat can save you money if you do most of the work yourself, there are many factors to take into consideration and plan for. You're not likely to restore a boat unless it has some special meaning to you or you're trying to save money by not buying a new boat. Restoring a boat to pristine condition is an extremely rewarding experience. Here are some tips for restoring your boat.

Boat Restoring Tips

Make sure you have all the tools you will need by taking inventory of your tools. You should clean the boat from stem to stern so you can see what you are working with. The boat should be cleaned of all water, leaves, and debris. Determine what is broken. Remove the old fuel from the fuel tank and the oil from the gear case and engine. The old hoses and belts should be replaced with new ones. Make sure the through-hull fittings are completely sealed. Ensure that seacocks are working properly as well. Any fittings or fixtures should be checked for crazing and cracking in the fiberglass. Make sure the load-bearing fixtures have a proper backing plate.

It is possible that old boats have rotting wood. Check the deck floor, set bases, and the transom for decay, rot, or sagging. Remove all old wood from the boat and replace it with marine-grade plywood or a composite core. Refurbishing and restoring a boat can be much more complicated than the tips above, but the checklist will assist you in restoring the exterior and interior of the boat.

Boat Restoration Cancelled

When you started restoring your boat in Orlando, you soon realized the job would be much bigger and more challenging than you had anticipated. It might not be possible for you to keep throwing money at it. Are you unable to complete the task on your own and hiring someone else is just not an option? How can you deal with this situation?

After you realized it wasn't worth restoring your boat, you left it sitting in your yard for months. As time has passed, it has become an eyesore. Once your boat is stripped of everything and doesn't run, it's unlikely to find a buyer who wants it. So, what do you do? Well, we have an answer for you.

Florida Boat Removal in Orlando

At Florida Boat Removal, we can come to pick up and remove your boat for you in Orlando. There is no need for you to waste time and energy finding a buyer or recycling the boat yourself. We can do all the hard work for you. We always dispose of the boats we collect responsibly and donate and recycle as much as possible. The more that we can keep out of landfills, the better. When you are ready to get rid of that eyesore of a boat sitting in your yard, contact us at Florida Boat Removal in Orlando. We will come to wherever you are and get the job done professionally and efficiently.


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