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What to Do with a Jet Ski That Isn't Running in Tampa

By Boat Removal

When the weather warms up in Tampa, it's time to get back on the water and enjoy plenty of outdoor activities. This includes dusting off your old jet ski and taking it over the waves. When you haul it out and remove the cover, you check the gas and inspect the personal watercraft. When you try to start the engine, nothing happens. The engine won't even turn over.

It doesn't take long for an unsettling and stark realization to set in. Finally, it has reached the end of its useful life. The best thing you can do before getting rid of your jet ski is to troubleshoot it and get it running again. All those engine parts need to be checked, including the spark plug, filters, and others. When your jet ski can't run, you'll have the unfortunate and difficult task of getting rid of it.

Your Options for Jet Ski Disposal

It is possible to take it to a salvage service, which will part it out and give you some money for it. It is also possible to take it apart yourself or leave it as is and publish an internet ad and let someone else pay you to try and get it working again.

If your jet ski is still in good condition, even if it doesn't run, you might be able to donate it to a local charity. In some cases, charities will auction it or sell it, but since it doesn't work, it may not be accepted because of the cost of restoring it. It might also be taken off your hands by a local rental service, which will fix it to rent it out to paying customers.

Jet Ski Removal and Disposal

If none of the options are feasible, then just call a boat removal service to pick it up and take it away. At Florida Boat Removal, you'll pay a small fee, but it won't be much and certainly a lot less hassle than the cost of the disposal fee at the local collection facility. You can also opt to sell the trailer separately, recoup the cost of the boat removal service, and even make money on the transaction. This way, you'll be rid of your old jet ski and get a little bit of money from the trailer sale.

At Florida Boat Removal, we are the easiest and best option for jet ski removal in Tampa. All you have to do is call us and schedule a time for us to come pick up your watercraft. We will come to wherever you are and load up your unwanted jet ski and dispose of it responsibly. Our goal is to keep as much as possible out of landfills. We dispose of everything we pick up by recycling and donating first. If it can be dismantled and recycled, that is our first priority. When you need your old jet ski in Tampa gone, there is no better option than calling Florida Boat Removal.


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