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Scraping Your Boat in Boca Raton

By Boat Removal

Most likely if you have reached the point where the boat sitting in your yard has become the description point for your house in Boca Raton, the boat needs to be scrapped! This way, your house can be the blue, yellow, or red one instead of the one with the giant bush, which is a boat covered with shrubs!

How Much Can You Scrap a Boat For?

There is no value or scrap value in fiberglass. An aluminum scrapper will pay for the metal, aluminum components, and other parts on the boat. It depends on how much precious metal is on the boat, or whether the boat is aluminum. Here is a breakdown of what items on the boat can be scrapped. Here are the most important things you need to know about scrapping a boat in Boca Raton!

When Is It Time to Scrap Your Boat?

Many people think that boats will always have some value because they know how expensive they are to buy. However, this is false. A boat reaches a point in its life when it ceases to have any value and becomes an expensive money pit. Now it is true that there is little value, as well as a market for project boats. There are some stipulations to what makes the boat marketable though.

Just because a boat has been sitting for a long time, doesn’t mean that it is time to scrap it, not just yet. It's important to check over the boat and see if it's still viable. If the engine still runs, then the boat most likely is not ready to be scrapped.

What Boats Are Scrapable?

When it comes to scrapping a boat, the hull is the most important factor. As we said earlier, fiberglass is neither valuable nor scrapable. It is a sad thing that most of the time, the boat hull is just smashed and stuck into a landfill.

There are donation programs where you can donate the boat, but they also have stipulations on whether they will take it. The hull has no value whatsoever. After that, it's time for disposal! However, there are some hulls that are worth something. There is a little metal in metal hulls, but it is not much. Scrap metal has some value to it, but mainly it’s super cheap, and you can’t get much out of the boat. There are a ton of steel boats out there as well that are scrap-able, but the biggest and most valuable is aluminum.

What Boat Parts Can Be Scrapped?

There is also a lot of money in the parts that can be stripped off the boat. Aluminum is the most valuable hull material. This will also go for the aluminum T-Tops, engine brackets, jack plates, seats, bow rails, and any other component on the boat that is aluminum. The same goes for the aluminum fuel tanks under the boat's decks. It will usually take the most work to remove these from the floor and clean them off to take in as clean aluminum.

It requires removing the center console and sometimes even cutting the floor out of the boat and then using some sort of list to hoist the tank out of the deck. In addition, most fuel tanks are foamed in between the stringers, making them even more difficult to remove. In addition, the different seats, rod holders, cleats, leaning posts, consoles, brackets, and other items on the boat will probably still have some value. Disposing of the boat and how to part it out will fall under this category. It is a good idea to think about what scrap is and what has value to it before just hauling it all away or calling a scrap yard. Additionally, you will have to dispose of the hull after you strip it down and scrap all the scrapable parts!

Don’t Want to Scrap Your Old Boat?

Scrapping your boat in Boca Raton isn’t the easiest process to complete. You must know what can be scrapped and what can’t. You might be thinking you can get a lot of money for scrapping your old boat, but this isn’t the case. Whoever takes your boat has expenses related to hauling, scrapping, and disposing of.

Another option is to use a Boca Raton boat removal company. When you just want the boat gone and don’t want to deal with the scrapping and recycling, call Florida Boat Removal. When you call Florida boat removal, we will come and remove your boat for you. We will take care of dismantling the boat for recycling and dispose of everything responsibly. We care about the environment and try to keep as much as possible out of landfills. It is our promise that we will dispose of your boat properly and help keep the environment green. Many people just don’t have the time to recycle their boat or remove and sell or scrap separate parts on their own. In that case, hiring Florida boat removal in Boca Raton to come to remove your old boat is your best option! We will come to you wherever you are and load up your old boat, haul it away, and dispose of it so you don’t have to worry about it anymore! Do you need your old boat removed in Boca Raton, Florida? Call Florida Boat Removal today!


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