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What is Considered a Junk Boat in Fort Lauderdale?

By Boat Removal

When people talk about junk boats in Fort Lauderdale, they usually mean boats with no equity. They either are so old or damaged that they are worth little to no money for resale and aren't worth trying to sell on the used boat market. Due to the number of repairs needed and the fact that it is not financially feasible, many boat owners fail to repair their boats. The cost of repairs might be higher than the cost of purchasing an entirely new boat in Fort Lauderdale in many cases.

Disposing of An Old Boat

Junk boats are boats that have sailed their last season and no longer have enough residual value to be sold secondhand. You can't just dump your junk boat on the curb with the trash when you're ready to get rid of it. Getting rid of your old boat safely and legally requires contacting a salvage yard or boat removal service in Fort Lauderdale. The parts you strip may also be worth a little money.

You should try to sell your boat before scrapping it if you think it has enough value. Modern boats are often made from materials that cannot be recycled or scrapped, so they end up in landfills. You can dispose of or scrap your boat if it has no value or if you have tried to sell it unsuccessfully.

Is Scrapping an Option?

Scrap dealers might be interested in your boat if it isn't worth enough to sell. Marine salvage yards and scrap yards can help you junk your boat. There may be a fee, but it might be less than what you would pay to dispose of the boat yourself. There are scrap yards that can remove the fiberglass from the rest of the boat and salvage any useful components.

It may be possible for the scrap yard to pay you for your old junk boat if they are able to save enough valuable components. However, don't expect too much. Most of the time, they have thin margins and have to pay for the labor of stripping the boat and then selling the parts. As a result, they won't pay much for your old junk boat. Scrap boats are usually most valuable for their metals, which can be recycled or reused. Some shallow-water vessels are made mostly of metal, often aluminum, and are good candidates for scrapping.

Florida Junk Boat Removal

For proper disposal, fiberglass boat hulls may require special treatment. Get help disposing of your old boat in Fort Lauderdale by contacting Florida Boat Removal. At Florida Boat Removal, we know what parts need recycled and try to keep as much out of landfills as possible. We care about the environment and want to keep it green and clean as much as we can. Have you finally given up trying to refurbish an old boat? Did you buy a new boat and need the old one gone in a hurry? Just call us at Florida Boat Removal! We can come wherever you are and remove your old boat and haul it away.


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