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hauling service in Charleston South Carolina

Boat Removal, Dismantling and Disposal in Charleston, South Carolina

Welcome to U.S. Boat Removal, your premier partner for efficient and reliable marine vessel dismantle, disposal and removal services in Charleston, South Carolina. U.S. Boat Removal is a widespread network of skilled professionals across the nation, dedicated to ensuring the safe and responsible disposal and dismantling of various marine vessels. Whether you're dealing with stranded boats, those situated onshore or dry docked, or even the more complex cases of condemned, submerged, or sunken boats, our team is equipped to handle each unique scenario with precision and care.

Regardless of the vessel's placement—whether on land, in water, on public or private property, within a warehouse, or even in your backyard—U.S. Boat Removal is prepared to lend a hand. Have confidence in us to manage your boat removal needs, no matter the type of vessel or the complexity of the conditions. Get in touch now to experience a seamless and stress-free solution tailored to your unique requirements. We also offer same or next day service in Charleston, South Carolina.


Stranded, Onshore or Grounded Boat Removal

Stranded, onshore, and dry docked boat removal may come across as manageable, yet the intricacies can escalate rapidly and present potential hazards. Attempting these tasks without expert assistance can result in costly blunders and compromise the safety of both your crew and its surroundings. These vessels could house hazardous materials, unstable fuel, and other flammable liquids, in addition to batteries, capacitors, and electronics that call for cautious handling.

  • ✓ Boats stranded ashore by tides
  • ✓ Abandoned Vessels on Ground
  • ✓ Dry-Docked Vessels
  • ✓ Gounded Boat Homeless Shelters
  • ✓ Off-Trailer Watercraft
  • ✓ Vessels run aground by accident
  • ✓ Boats stranded by storms
  • ✓ Derelict Land Stranded Boats

Let the pros handle the intricacies of stranded, onshore, and dry docked boat removal.

US Boat Removal and It's Crews will not accept any request to attempt to recover any of these vessels with the intent of salvage or recovery. Our services are limited to the removal of these vessels from the premises, wile minimizing impact on the environment and not the vessels themselves.

hauling service in Charleston South Carolina
hauling service in Charleston South Carolina

Submerged, Foundering or Sunken Boat Removal

Addressing Condemned, submerged, or sunken boats presents an entirely unique challenge. These circumstances require a delicate interplay of specialized tools, thorough planning, and a comprehensive comprehension of the surrounding environments. Venturing into these tasks without the guidance of experienced professionals not only jeopardizes the marine ecosystem further but can also be exceptionally risky and potentially life-endangering.

Attempting these tasks without the expertise of seasoned professionals not only risks further harm to the marine ecosystem, but can also be very dangerous and in some cases life threatening.

  • ✓ Partially Submerged Power Boats
  • ✓ Fully Submerged Light Vessels
  • ✓ Foundering Sail Boats
  • ✓ Half Sunk Fishing Boats
  • ✓ Scuttled Light Commercial Vessels
  • ✓ Storm Damaged Foundering Boats

Trust our skilled team to handle your condemned, submerged, or sunken boat removal, ensuring both the safety of all involved and the protection of our precious aquatic habitats.

US Boat Removal and It's Crews will not accept any request to attempt to recover any of these vessels with the intent of salvage or recovery. Our services are limited to the removal of these vessels from the premises, wile minimizing impact on the environment and not the vessels themselves.


Boat Removal Services.

Call Boat Removal at 843-350-5725 and speak to a live person today for service in Charleston, and all of Charleston. Pricing is based on weight, size, vessel and accessibility. We do residential and commercial property cleanouts.

Business hours: Monday-Sunday from 7AM EST to 8PM EST.



Charleston, situated along the coast and the Ashley River, offers a historic and vibrant boating scene that's closely tied to its antebellum architecture and Southern charm. With its location on the waterways, the city provides opportunities for sailing, fishing, and enjoying waterfront dining. Boaters can explore a variety of vessels, from sailboats to luxury yachts. Marinas like Charleston City Marina and Harborage at Ashley Marina offer amenities for boaters. U.S. Boat Removal and its crews are dedicated to the responsible and environmentally conscious removal and disposal of vessels in Charleston. Our services prioritize shoreline or sea-wall adjacent sites for semi-submerged or foundering vessels, and we do not handle offshore recoveries or open water operations.

A robust and active boating community, could entail an increased presence of abandoned, damaged and derelict vessels, which can be an outright hazard (not to mention an eyesore). U.S. Boat Removal has been disposing of abandoned, damaged and derelict vessels and serving the Charleston community since 2006.



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