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Don't Abandon Your Boat in St. Pete

By Boat Removal

In St. Petersburg, have you noticed abandoned or derelict vessels? In addition to being navigational hazards, these vessels are also an eyesore in our community. Large commercial ships to smaller recreational boats can shift during storms, destroying benthic habitats at the bottom of a body of water, such as seagrass or coral reefs. As a result, toxic chemicals on board at the time of the sinking and oil spills from the vessel itself pose a threat to surrounding ecosystems and human health. Fishing gear, nets, and other dispersed trash from the vessels can also harm marine life. While removing abandoned vessels can be costly, both state and federal programs are working to address this issue.

Instead of Abandoning Your Boat

Abandoning your boat is especially egregious considering the manifold alternatives. Instead of threatening countless lives by letting your boat rot in the water, you should consider any of the following safe and constructive ways of getting rid of a vessel you no longer want:

Donation. Nonprofit organizations often take in unwanted boats, refurbish them, and sell them to donate the proceeds to charity. In addition, vocation schools in St. Pete may be willing to accept your old boat for practice materials or demonstrations. In most cases, donating a moldering boat is straightforward, and most organizations will pick it up for you, so you don't have to do much more than abandon it. Plus, you can write off the donation on your taxes, and the amount you save from your deductions could easily outweigh your standard deduction.

Sell. Depending on how well your vessel is maintained, you may be able to sell it yourself. You must create a realistic price, draft enticing advertising copy, and manage posts in several locations to sell a personal boat. Mobile apps like LetGo and OfferUp are revolutionizing how people buy and sell used items thanks to the internet. Depending on the value of your boat, you might be able to sell it quickly.

Call a Boat Removal Service. Fortunately, there is another option if you do not have the time or equipment to recycle your boat on your own, sell it, or haul it away for donation. You can always call a St. Pete boat removal service such as Florida Boat Removal.

If you need help removing your boat, our boat removal experts can take it away for you and properly dispose of it. To minimize the amount of waste going to landfills, we try to keep it out of them as much as possible. There is a growing problem of abandoned vessels in St. Pete. Do not make it worse by leaving your boat for someone else to clean up. With Florida Boat Removal, you can dispose of it responsibly.


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